Employee Scheduling Software

How To Choose The Right Employee Scheduling Software Package

When it comes to choosing the best employee scheduling software, you have a lot of options. At Scheduling+, we want to provide you with even more choices so that you can take control of your software and choose the one that meets the needs of your business. 

Our goal is to offer affordable scheduling software for retail, restaurants, and other industries that utilize hourly employees. We currently offer three base plans for our software that each deliver the necessary features to ensure your business is running smoothly. Below, we will discuss what each level of our software offers, what it doesn’t, and how you can get the most out of your employee scheduling software. 

If you have any questions or want to schedule a demo, just reach out to our team and we will be happy to help! 

Standard Package

This base package is our most simplistic and starts at just $2 per month, per user. While it may not have all of the bells and whistles of our other packages, it is still a well-rounded software that won’t break the bank. 

The features included in our standard package are: drag and drop scheduling, dashboard overview, labor budget estimator and comparison to actual labor costs, unlimited locations and user roles, employee email and SMS notifications of schedule, group and individual messaging between users, position templates, unlimited support from our team, mobile employee app for easy clock-in and clock-out, employee availability at a glance and time-off requests, and scheduling annotations for clear usage. 

Premium Package

The premium package packs more features than the standard package at just $4 per month, per user. This is perfect for a business owner who needs to keep a better watch on their employees or whose business model requires the assignment of specific tasks for each shift.

In addition to all of the features in the standard package, the premium package includes: task management and task assignment, time and attendance, attendance reports, TimeClock alerts when employees clock in or out late or early, mobile TimeClock app for easy usage, custom leave types, PTO accrual tracking, payroll export and integration with major payroll providers, and job codes for clock-in.  

Enterprise Package

Finally, the enterprise package is perfect for high-stakes scheduling or for those who want to create a custom scheduling experience for their employees. This level of employee scheduling software is available at just $6 per month, per user. 

The enterprise package includes all of the features we have mentioned so far, plus API access for a customized experience, custom branding for your business, and a dedicated account manager to help oversee all scheduling and task management work. 

Which Package Is Right For Your Business?

If you are not sure which employee scheduling software package is right for your business, just get in touch and we can help! We would love to learn more about your business model and your employees and help guide you toward the best option for your needs and budget. 

Get in touch with Scheduling+ today to learn more or schedule your free demo of our workforce management software to experience it for yourself!