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Signs Of A Successful Retail Store – WFM Software

Some people call it WFM software, others workforce optimization software, and still others will take the opportunity to be wordy by referring to it workforce management scheduling software. Regardless of what you call your employee scheduling software (see what we did there?), it’s difficult to debate the fact that retail store owners are missing out on a huge time-saving opportunity if they don’t use workforce management software of some kind.

Take our employee scheduling software at Scheduling+. Because we ourselves are current and former retailers, we understand the needs of our clients, and we’ve designed an easy-to-use solution to help meet those unique needs. We reduce overtime costs, streamline scheduling and employer-employee communication, send push notifications through our Time Clock app (or email or SMS text), help you stay within your labor budget with notifications, help you schedule overnight shifts, manage time off requests, and even delegate tasks to employees when you aren’t at a specific location!

That’s a lot of features to throw out at once, but the benefits of our WFM software are many.

Time Clock Management

But even in addition to the benefits of our scheduling software, we also offer a time clock app that can be web-based, iOS, or with an Android operating system. The nuts and bolts of our Time Clock app are that it allows employees to clock in and out right from their employee app on their phones, or on an intuitive dashboard that you set up in the designated area of your store, which puts you in complete control.

What’s more, employees can view scheduled shifts and assigned tasks directly from their app, while you are able to monitor who is clocking in/out both early and late. We’ve even included the functionality for managers to limit the ability of an employee to clock in x minutes before their shift. Other features include managers receiving alerts if an employee approaches a certain number of hours (i.e. overtime), requiring a photo when clocking in and out to cut down on buddy punching, and notifications when missed shifts, late clock-ins, or long break times take place. Again, we’ve thought of pretty much everything here, because we have been in the shoes of our clients. That gives us a unique edge in this marketplace, which spells success for our clients.

Payroll Software

Our payroll software integrates with most every major payroll providers, so exporting is quite a simple process with our employee payroll program at Scheduling+. Its benefits include fully integrating with our scheduling platform, automatically tracking PTO and overtime, reviewing scheduled payroll cost versus actual payroll cost, and requiring employee and manager timesheet approval before you run payroll.

Task Management

Before we get to our promised blog topic of the day, and don’t worry, we’ll get there, allow us a soft transition between talking about our own solution here at Scheduling+ and more general tips to become a successful retail store. Task management is something we offer as part of our retail workforce management software while also being an integral part of the core processes of any retail business.

Our own task management software has the functionality pretty much any store needs. Among our many features are the ability to email employees tasks, print task cards, assign tasks that populate for the employee upon them logging in for the day’s shift, along with the employee’s ability to mark them as complete in the Time Clock app. You have the ability to make it as you see fit; if you need employees to perform recurring tasks, we’ve got you covered. If you want to assign a one-off, no problem. If an employee hasn’t been trained to perform a certain task yet (and you’d prefer to be notified of that fact), you won’t be able to assign them that task! Finally, you can export tasks in a PDF, CSV, or Excel format.

What Makes A Successful Retail Store Successful?

See? We promised we’d eventually get to today’s promised blog topic, it might have just taken us a little bit longer than we expected when we first started writing this post. Apologies, we tend to get a little bit enthusiastic when discussing the many benefits of our WFM software.

The first thing that makes a retail store successful is choosing Scheduling+ as their workforce management software provider. Sure, we are biased, but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. Here’s why: when you can effectively streamline your internal processes and communication, things tend to go much better for you. We’ve written extensively in the past about workplace culture and how to optimize your staff’s communication patterns, so we’ll leave it at that for now, since there are other tips we’d like to share.

Engage With Your Customers

In our previous posts, we’ve spoken quite a bit about behind-the-scenes, internal dynamics between employers and employees. One critical aspect we haven’t yet addressed is customer interaction. And while it’s vital for you to teach your employees to be attentive, helpful, and friendly, it’s perhaps more important for you to be paying attention to how customers interact with your store and staff. Ask yourself if your customers look like they naturally move toward where you want them to go (usually, that would be further into your store). Observe your employees interacting with them, make sure they are sensitive to what your customers need. If they make a mistake, address it that same day, if not on the spot. Being open communicatively with your staff, and addressing mistakes, isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but ultimately you will earn the respect of your staff if you are fair and kind while being honest.

Eye-Catching Displays

We touched on it above, but it’s vital to pay attention to how your customers move throughout your store. In particular, notice how well your product displays are catching people’s eyes. We don’t recommend getting too fancy with it — your products should be displayed in a way that makes them easy to find, arranged by section, and should always be neat and tidy. If your shop is dirty, cluttered, or is littered with packaging scraps, it’s a huge turn off for most. People will leave. And sales will suffer. We all get it — let’s move on!

Task Management

We’ll end today’s post with a few words of advice with regards to task management optimization. First of all, we’d be remiss if we failed to remind you that one of the four cornerstone features of our WFM software is our task management solution. We make assigning, tracking, and completing tasks easier for employers and employees alike. But whether you choose Scheduling+ or not, there are other principles you can apply to streamline your processes and ultimately carve out more time for yourself to perform other necessary managerial tasks.

Start Your Day Off Right

Here’s an easy tip to try out: do your most important tasks in the morning. Studies show that our willpower is stronger in the morning than at any other time of day, so if you tend to procrastinate, facing what you will likely end up putting off until the following day can perhaps be avoided if you dedicate yourself to doing the difficult tasks at the beginning of the day. Plus, once you master this approach, you can more easily ask your staff to take on the same mentality. Knocking out the hard stuff at the beginning of a shit is just a great way to start the day. It makes you feel accomplished and productive, which, for most people, is a great feeling!

Schedule A Demo

We hope that you have gleaned some useful information in today’s post. Whether you are already a Scheduling+ client and are looking for some retail-employer tips or you were searching for a provider of workforce management software and you made your way to this post, we are confident that your needs will be met if you choose Scheduling+ and our solution. If you are wondering how we can meet the unique needs of your own business, schedule a demo today. If you are ready to try it out for yourself, start your free trial right here!