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Welcome To Scheduling+

In today’s inaugural post, we’d like to introduce you to our employee scheduling software company, Scheduling+. We are proud to provide business owners and managers of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries with the ability to manage your business better in a variety of ways.

While many of our prospective clients come looking to us for a singular service (be it payroll software, employee scheduling freeware, time clock and scheduling support, or even internal task management optimization), those same clients often end up leaving with a complete suite of services from Scheduling+. We excel in analyzing your business’ needs and aligning our employee scheduler and timesheet software to your unique position. We have a passion for assisting small, medium, and even large businesses with the task of streamlining and optimizing their internal processes. This has the net effect of saving time, money, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of managerial stress as well.

If you are interested in any of the items mentioned above, keep reading to learn a little bit more about Scheduling+ and our workforce management software.

Who We Are

Simply put, we are a company that is driven by a desire to help all kinds of retailers improve their operational shortcomings. Thus, we’ve designed a fully-integrated, cloud-based employee scheduling platform that will make a tangible, practical difference in your day-to-day processes.

We’ve engineered this employee management software to be exceptionally intuitive — that is, you’ll find it’s ease-of-use to be a breath of fresh air in a world of seemingly endlessly complex devices and platforms. We didn’t want to add to that noise or your stress levels, so we, as independent retailers ourselves, made our platform with independent retailers in mind. It’s easy-to-navigate and provides a variety of features and benefits.

From task management to staffing scheduling to attendance recordkeeping to payroll management, we provide your all-in-one business management software. Gone are the spreadsheets you have to manually update every time an employee calls in sick or there is a PTO request to be handled. You can easily adjust your schedule as needed with our web-based software or mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Schedule – You are able to take a quick look in our User Interface to determine whether you are over or under staffed for a particular period of time. Make instant edits to anyone’s schedule on the fly, while you are making sure particular employees aren’t approaching overtime — all from the same place!

Tasks – Businesses thrive or stagnate based on the quality and efficiency of internal communication. With our business task management software, you can effortlessly relay daily, weekly, or monthly recurring tasks which your staff members need to accomplish. We offer this service through email, the TimeClock App, an employee‘s personal dashboard, and the Employee Mobile App. Every task is trackable, and can be marked when it is both assigned or completed. We’ve seen this feature greatly improve the overall efficiency of many-an-organization.

Time Clock – Our fully-integrated TimeClock App and software affords business owners the ability to have a one-stop-shop of sorts, meaning that our TimeClock seamlessly integrates with the schedule-making software. This allows managers to receive various alerts, including missed shirts, clock-in and clock-outs and overtime. You can also exported payroll data so it can be imported into the major payroll provider systems, should you wish. Our time clock management software is also available in our TimeClock App form, which can be downloaded for IOS or Android devices.


We offer powerful software at an affordable, subscription-based price here at Scheduling+. Choose from Standard, Premium, and Enterprise levels, with each being available to try in a free-trial format. Pricing is based on a per-user basis. So, for example, our Premium package is $4 per user, with a minimum figure of 10 users per subscription.

Our plans vary in offerings, with our Enterprise package being our complete offering of services. In our Enterprise package, you’ll receive added benefits which include a dedicated account manager, custom branding, API access, job codes, payroll exports, and more. Within our Premium package, you get access to features that include time clock alerts, task management, PTO accrual, custom leave types, mobile time clock app, and attendance reports. Our Standard package includes a labor budget, unlimited locations and roles, email and SMS notifications, our mobile employee app, schedule annotations, drag and drop scheduling, and many more features.

Keep in mind that if you have over 1000 employees in your organization, we offer competitive pricing for large businesses looking for workforce management software. In addition, we provide multi-location platform for businesses who need such a service. All in all, we’ve set our service packages up you can get a free trial to determine which package type is the right blend of value and quality.

Schedule Your Free Demo Today

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that we are a provider of employee timeclock software that is worth learning a bit more about. Before you start your free trial, we’d like you to consider scheduling a demo with a Scheduling+ expert so that you can get a clear picture of what we can offer your business in particular. If you can give us one hour, we’d love to get the chance to understand your unique needs and relay our recommendations from there. Schedule your live demo to take the next step toward saving yourself time, money, and reducing a whole lot of stress!