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What Can Scheduling+ Do For Your Business

What Can Scheduling+ Do For Your Business?

Ideal for retail businesses, Scheduling+ offers a fully-integrated, seamless workforce management software solution. If you have been looking for ways to simplify your payroll process, reduce labor costs, and simply manage your business in a better way, we’ve got you covered with a unique WFM software that will make you forget about the very concept of spreadsheets in a matter of minutes!

Scheduling+ has created an all-in-one business management software that we are very excited about. We are so enthusiastic about our WFM software that we have decided to dedicate this entire blog post to highlight its many benefits and features. So if you are a business operator (whether that business is in the retail industry or otherwise), please don’t be alarmed by our excitement — the reason we are so passionate about what we’ve designed is that we are former and current independent retailers ourselves. That said, we have formulated our employee scheduling software with particular issues in mind. Whether we are talking about staff scheduling, time clock functionality, payroll processing software, or an easy-to-use task management system, we’ve pretty much thought of it all here at Scheduling+!

Keep reading to learn more about what each of the four aspects of our WFM solution has to offer businesses of all kinds!

Why Try Scheduling

Staff Scheduling Software

Our staff scheduling software offers numerous benefits for employees and managers alike. For employees, they’ll be happy to automatically receive email and text notifications of schedules and any changes that might arise. For employers, the interface is easy to use, as is the ability to stay within your labor budget, due to the software’s intuitive functionality. Other managerial benefits include the ability to manage time off request, schedule overnight shifts, reduce overtime costs, and even delegate daily tasks to specific employees.

Time Clock Management

Our proprietary TimeClock app is available in Android, iOS, or web-based format. The beauty of our time clock management system is in its flexible functionality. Employers can set up their system to tackle unique problems that might include missed shift, late clock-ins, early clock-outs, overtime budgetary issues, and more. On the TimeClock app, employees are able to manage tasks that have been assigned to them directly from the TimeClock, whereupon they complete the task, they are able to mark it as such so that employers are kept in the loop. What’s more, employees can clock in and out directly from the employee app!

Payroll Software

Our intuitive payroll software full integrates with our scheduling platform, so that you can make accurate, error-free timesheets directly from TimeClock data. Our software automatically tracks paid time off and overtime, so you don’t have to manually update spreadsheets for half of the work day. On top of that, you can review your scheduled payroll cost against actual payroll cost, require manager and employee timesheet approval before you run payroll, and export payroll reports for easy import into most all payroll providers. Talk about a time saver!

Task Management

The final aspect of our WFM software that we’d like to highlight in today’s post is that of our Task Management system. Although we mentioned it above, we’ve found that one of the most beneficial ways we can help improve efficiencies occurring at a business is in streamlining the communication process of a staff.

With our task management solution, you can assign employees tasks that populate for them as soon as they clock in. They are then able to mark the task complete from TimeClock, whether it’s a one-time task or a recurring one. This helps employers stay up to date on what is going on at the place of business, whether you are present or not!

On top of all this, we’ve set our system up to allow for intelligent task management, so if an employee can’t perform a task (perhaps because they haven’t been trained yet), you won’t be able to assign it to them. With the functionality to print task cards, email employee tasks, and even export tasks to Excel, CSV, or PDF, there is a host of practical benefits retail store owners should be chomping at the bit to take advantage of!

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Everything we do is driven by a desire to help retailers optimize any operational inefficiencies they may have. We’ve developed an integrative and intuitive employee scheduling platform that employers and employees alike will enjoy using. Streamlining communication not only improves the efficiency of day to day tasks being completed, but it also makes sure that the entire staff is connected with one another. When everyone is on the same page, morale tends to go up, and in turn performance. Get your free trial or schedule your live demo with Scheduling+ today! We’d love to hear from you and see if our employee software solution can make a tangible difference to your business’ bottom line.